Meet Ugandan man who married seven wives in one day


In a remote village in Mukono District, Uganda, a 43-year-old medicine man named Habib Nsikonnene made headlines for a unique and extravagant marriage ceremony. Nsikonnene, who is known for his deep pockets and successful business ventures, recently married seven women in a single day, cementing his status as a local celebrity and bringing fame to his village.

Meet Ugandan man who married seven wives in one day
File image of Habib Nsikonnene with his 7 wives.PHOTO| COURTESY

The story of Nsikonnene’s polygamous marriage ceremony began when he met the parents of his seven potential wives in the span of just one week. After getting their blessings, Nsikonnene went a step further by marrying all seven women on the same day. The lavish traditional Muslim weddings, also known as Nikkah, were held at each bride’s home, with each ceremony brimming with joy and celebration.

It is worth noting that two of Nsikonnene’s wives are blood sisters, adding an interesting dynamic to this unprecedented marriage. The fact that these two sisters agreed to marry the same man is a testament to the unique circumstances and dynamics of their relationship.

Nsikonnene’s wedding day was nothing short of spectacular. With approximately 40 vehicles and 30 motorcycles, his marriage convoy made a grand entrance, captivating the attention of all who witnessed it. The sheer size and glamour of the event were a true reflection of Nsikonnene’s financial success and social standing in the community.

Following the weddings, Nsikonnene hosted a grand reception ceremony at his home, which was attended by all seven wives and their families and friends. This event served as a testament to the unity and love that exists among this extraordinary family. It is clear that Nsikonnene places great importance on maintaining strong relationships with all of his spouses and ensuring that they feel valued and included in his life.

Meet Ugandan man who married seven wives in one day
Habib Nsikonnene.

The village of Namasengere, where Nsikonnene resides, has also benefited from the attention brought about by this unconventional marriage. Emmanuel Owere, the Namasengere Village chairperson, expressed his admiration for Nsikonnene’s success and contributions to the community. Owere suggests that Nsikonnene’s accomplishments should serve as an inspiration for others, stating that “he is a rare man because given his status in society, he has been mingling with everyone. He is a hard worker, and locals should emulate him.”

Owere even proposes naming a road in the area after Nsikonnene, further solidifying his status as a revered figure in the village. This honour underscores the level of admiration and respect that the community holds for Nsikonnene and his unique lifestyle.

It is important to approach this story with an open mind and understanding of different cultural practices and customs. While polygamy may be uncommon in many parts of the world, it is a legal and accepted practice in certain societies, including parts of Uganda. Nsikonnene’s marriage to seven wives highlights the intricacies of cultural diversity and provides an opportunity to learn and appreciate the customs of others.

In conclusion, Habib Nsikonnene’s marriage to seven wives in one day is a remarkable event that has captivated the attention of both locals and the media. His extravagant wedding ceremonies and his successful business ventures have elevated his profile in the community and brought unparalleled fame to his village. Nsikonnene’s story serves as an example of the unique marriage customs and cultural practices that exist around the world, emphasising the importance of embracing diversity and learning from different cultures.

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  1. Two blood sisters can be married once at the same time. And also Muslim can’t not have above four spouses .So this marriage is not Islamic. There is no such nikkah in Islam.

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