Russia extends generous scholarships to sixty Kenyan students


In a move to strengthen their public diplomacy and relations with Kenya, Russia has announced that it will be offering generous scholarships to sixty students from Kenya.

These students are expected to begin their studies at various universities across the Eastern European country by November.

Speaking at a pre-departure briefing for the 2023 applicants, the Russian ambassador to Kenya, Dmitry Maksimychev, highlighted the embassy’s efforts to increase the number of governmental scholarships over the last five years. Maksimychev added that they are actively working to further increase the number of scholarships available to Kenyan students.

Russia extends generous scholarships to sixty Kenyan students
A section of the 60 kenyan students who will be traveling to Russia for various scholarship programmes. [Mwangi Maina, Standard]
During the briefing, the students were provided with valuable information aabout the history of the friendly relations between Russia and Kenya, as well as the education plans, life in Russia, and the formal procedures that they will need to undertake before and after arriving at their respective universities.

One key requirement for the beneficiaries of these scholarships is the study of the Russian language during their first year of study. To support this, the Russian embassy in Nairobi will be inaugurating the Russian Center for Open Education in September, which will offer Russian language courses.

This initiative will benefit over 300 Kenyan citizens who are interested in learning the Russian language, as they will be taught pro-bono.

The scholarships provided by Russia have significantly impacted the education opportunities for Kenyan students. Boniface Muthoka, a beneficiary of the Russian scholarship, and Chairman of the Russia and CIS alumni association in Kenya, emphasised that the scholarships are not limited in scope.

Undergraduate students who receive the scholarship have the opportunity to progress their education up to the level of a master’s or Ph.D., should they wish to do so.

Over the past few decades, numerous Kenyan individuals have received training at esteemed universities in the Soviet Union and Russia. These programs have enabled them to pursue careers as doctors, engineers, teachers, civil servants, and more recently, IT experts and software developers.

In Russia, foreign students with student visas are entitled to work legally during their studies. Additionally, the Russian government provides a monthly stipend for the duration of their educational journey.

It is widely acknowledged that Russian higher education adheres to exceptionally high standards and is globally renowned for its excellence.

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