IFC announces strategic expansion of investment in Senegal


The International Finance Corporation, has recently announced its plans for a strategic expansion of investment in Senegal, Energy Capital & Power reports.

This move comes after the organization has already made significant contributions of $987 million through 67 projects since 1966. Nouma Dione, the Country Head of the IFC in Senegal and the Gambia, has expressed a commitment to further growing their investment footprint in Senegal and across the wider MSGBC region.

IFC announces strategic expansion of investment in Senegal
IFC announces strategic expansion of investment in Senegal.

Over the past four years, the IFC has distributed $780 million in Senegal, with an impressive amount of over $350 million contributed in 2022 alone. This highlights the IFC’s dedication to supporting the economic growth and development of Senegal. The sectors that have been prioritized for investment include manufacturing, agro-business, services, infrastructure, and banking.

One notable area where the IFC has made a significant impact is in increasing Senegal’s installed power generation capacity. The organization has played a vital role in supporting the Senegalese government in securing 60 MW of new production capacity in the field of solar energy. This has been achieved through the development of solar power plant projects in Kael and Kahone.

The IFC’s investment in Senegal’s power generation capacity aligns with its broader objective of boosting the country’s total power generation capacity by 30%. This is a significant step towards addressing the energy needs of the nation and supporting its sustainable development.

Furthermore, the IFC’s continued investment in Senegal will contribute to job creation, skills development, and overall economic growth. By focusing on sectors such as manufacturing and agro-business, the organization aims to promote local industries and enhance their competitiveness in both regional and international markets.

In addition to its activities in Senegal, the IFC aims to expand its portfolio across the wider MSGBC region. This demonstrates the organization’s recognition of the economic potential and investment opportunities available in this region.

Abubakar Momoh
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