Uganda Airlines soars to new heights with direct flights to Nigeria


Uganda Airlines, the national flagship carrier of Uganda, is set to reach new heights with its direct flights to Lagos, Nigeria.

Starting from October 19th, 2023, the airline will operate flights between the two countries every Sunday, Monday, and Thursday. This strategic move is part of Uganda Airlines’ expansion strategy and aims to enhance efficiency in both the transit of commodities and the mobility of individuals.

Uganda Airlines soars to new heights with direct flights to Nigeria
Uganda Airlines soars to new heights with direct flights to Nigeria.

Ms. Jenifer Bamuturaki, CEO of Uganda Airlines, expressed her excitement about this new chapter for the carrier. She highlighted the significance of reducing travel time between Entebbe and Lagos, stating that passengers and cargo can now reach their destination in just four hours. Previously, the journey would have taken close to nine hours, which could further be prolonged due to delays. With the direct flights, Uganda Airlines aims to increase the potential for trade and economic growth between the two countries.

The first flight is scheduled to depart from Entebbe at 4 pm. Ms. Bamuturaki emphasised the economic opportunities this brings, noting that Uganda is now opening up to an economy worth approximately $504 billion.

The airline had originally planned to introduce flights to Nigeria in July of the previous year. However, due to regulatory complexities, there were delays. Now that these obstacles have been resolved, everything is ready for the Airbus to take off.

Bamuturaki expressed confidence in the airline’s preparedness, stating, “We have all the necessary resources to commence operations. Our offices are already operational in all three markets.

Uganda Airlines soars to new heights with direct flights to Nigeria
Uganda Airlines soars to new heights with direct flights to Nigeria.

However, we decided to postpone the launch until October because we anticipated being overwhelmed by completing all regulatory certifications and meeting our initial launch dates.”

As Uganda Airlines prepares for these new routes, it is worth mentioning that Guangzhou, China has been a target destination for some time now. It is expected to be the final addition to the expanding network this year, with a potential launch date scheduled for November.

This development has not only attracted the attention of passengers but also gained the necessary approvals from regulatory authorities.

Uganda Airlines has secured Foreign Operators Permits (FOPs) from India, Nigeria, and Saudi Arabia, demonstrating its commitment to providing safe and reliable services.

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