Hamis Kiggundu denies offering Burna Boy $1 million for Nakivubo opening


Ugandan business mogul Hamis Kiggundu has categorically denied rumors circulating in the media that he offered Nigerian musician Burna Boy a staggering $1 million to perform at the grand opening of Kampala’s Nakivubo War Memorial Stadium. Kiggundu, the CEO of Ham Group, has dismissed the reports as baseless and unfounded.

The Nakivubo War Memorial Stadium, a multipurpose sports and entertainment arena located in the heart of Uganda’s capital city, has undergone extensive renovation since 2017, thanks to a joint venture between the Ugandan government and Ham Group. The grand reopening of the stadium is eagerly anticipated by sports enthusiasts and entertainment lovers alike.

Ham Kiggundu denies offering Burna Boy $1 million for Nakivubo opening
Hamis Kiggundu, Ugandan Businessman and mogul.

The rumors surrounding Burna Boy’s supposed involvement in the stadium’s opening were initially reported by the Kenyan online newspaper, Tuko. These reports sparked a wave of speculation and excitement among fans and media outlets, who were eagerly awaiting confirmation of the international star’s involvement in the event.

However, sources close to Kiggundu have confirmed that the businessman has no plans to engage Burna Boy for the stadium opening. These sources have insisted that the rumors are baseless and have been fabricated to generate attention and publicity.

Kiggundu himself has expressed his disappointment with the media’s tendency to sensationalize and spread false information.

Burna Boy, one of Africa’s most successful musicians, has amassed a considerable fortune through his concerts and performances. He has firmly established himself as one of the wealthiest musicians on the continent, with his status further solidified by his record-breaking single-concert revenue.

The Nigerian artist’s most profitable concert to date took place at New York City’s prestigious Madison Square Garden on April 28, 2022. The event drew a crowd of 20,789 fans and generated an astonishing $1,576,641 in revenue. With the sale of 13,586 tickets, Burna Boy’s performance at Madison Square Garden cemented his status as a global music icon.

Ham Kiggundu denies offering Burna Boy $1 million for Nakivubo opening
Burna Boy, Nigeria’s music star.

Despite Burna Boy’s immense popularity and financial success, it is crucial to separate facts from rumors. While the idea of Burna Boy headlining the grand opening of Nakivubo Stadium seems tantalizing, it is vital to rely on accurate information.

In this case, Ham Kiggundu has explicitly denied any involvement with or plans to pay Burna Boy $1 million for the event.

In addition to his successful ventures in beverages, logistics, and real estate, Kiggundu is also a prominent property owner in Kampala. He owns properties such as Ham Towers and Ham shopping malls, demonstrating his influence in the city.

Furthermore, he is spearheading the renovation of Nakivubo Stadium, a project that aims to upgrade the facilities, expand seating capacity from 30,000 to 35,000, and even include retail shops within the stadium itself. The funding for this ambitious endeavor comes from Kiggundu’s company, Ham Group.

With the grand opening of Nakivubo Stadium on the horizon, there is growing speculation about whether President Museveni’s office will confirm attendance. The rejuvenation of this iconic stadium signifies a significant milestone for sports and entertainment in Uganda as it promises enhanced facilities and experiences for athletes and spectators alike.

Public figures like Hamis Kiggundu often face false rumors and speculations, especially when it comes to high-profile events such as stadium openings. It is crucial for media outlets and the public to exercise caution and verify information before jumping to conclusions. Relying on credible sources and fact-checking can help prevent the spread of misleading and inaccurate information.

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